World Domination Is NOT A Game

globalism-canstockphoto29030670For Christians paying attention, world domination will be recognized as the adversary's plan for humanity's subjugation for eventual destruction. The opposing ideology, nationalism, was actually invented by the Creator at Babel (Babylon) when He confused the languages which separated humanity into 10 nations. He did this to make it much harder for the Adversary to subject humanity to his will. Nationalism, in ancient times, saved humanity from universal slavery under pagan gods.

If a Believer wishes to resist the Adversary today on a large scale, he will be against political and economic machinations intended to bring all of humanity under a central control. Central Control has many names from New World Order to Anti-Colonialism to a Borderless Hemisphere or Borderless World. In the last century, political domination by force (World Wars I & II) has failed. The most recent effort for World Domination has been done by redistributing of wealth through economic control. This is instituted through international trade agreements, environmental taxes and heavy regulation of the wealth generating industries. This year, 2016, Americans have a choice between Nationalism and Globalism …

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Propaganda 101: Basics

Politician Image

Political Propaganda

Propaganda has been the staple method of influencing people in both politics and religion for a very long time. However, few have sufficient grasp of the topic to avoid it's seduction to act as the promoters of propaganda desire.

Fortunately, this method of influencing people has been a major topic of study  by one organization dedicated to instructing the public for their own protection: Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA — 1937 to 1942). This institute was formed during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who served a president of the United States for 12 years, from 1933 to 1945. The institute was formed to inform Americans about the methods used by their government leaders to fundamentally change America from a land of freedom toward a more socialistic form of government. It was due to his destructive policies and abuse of power during his 12 year reign that term limits were enacted by congress and added to the US Constitution as Amendment XXII.

The IPA's basic goal was to promote critical thought among citizens. From their publication The Fine Art of Propaganda,:

"It is essential in a democratic society that young people and adults learn how to think, learn how to make up their minds. … So far as individuals are concerned, the art of democracy is the art of thinking and discussing independently together."

A more well know offspring of their work is an adaption from their work called "How To Detect Propaganda" (click title for downoad). This document boils the complex topic of propaganda and influence to a simple list of only seven types:

1. Name Calling,
2. Glittering Generalities
3. Transfer
4. The Testimonial
5. Plain Folks
6. Card Stacking
7. Band wagon

In subsequent articles this blog will demonstrate how each has been used in both the 2016 election season and in popular Christian religion.

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2016 Political Notes

Political Topics

Political Topics

This blog is not normally about politics but the 2016 season is so volatile that a few word seemed in order.

No matter who is elected, most things in this life will not change much. Social unrest will continue, political corruption will continue, the bureaucracies will still be in place, influencing many aspects of business and private living. Freedom of speech and religion will continue but possibly with some alterations. Will there be censorship or harassment on speech and religion? Of course, there is now. Will some people experience discrimination, harassment or pain over it? Of course, it's happening now. Can politics fix or repair these issues? Yes and No.

Changing the political environmnet at the national level can help with some issues, expecially in state operated or funded institutions, but at more local levels, very little will change to keep in step with the national unless there is a cultural shift at the local level. For believers, the whole political repsonsiblity is to pray for our leaders that they do the things that do not interfer with a peacable life.

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