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  1. bowlegs says:

    After realizing I am an unorthodox Christian, I discovered your book "The Unorthodox Believer," which I am still reading.  I had come to the conclusion that I had to trust the Holy Spirit over a Bible that never completely made sense to me.  Having served in protestant church leadership as a younger man, I know the church is a flawed institution.  The more I have studied about the history of Christianity (which is a good bit since having cancer 10 years ago), the more I distrusted any church to lead me to the truth.  I distrust literalists as well, but I have to admit the cultural theology you implement makes more sense than any approach I have ever seen.  

    I spent about 18 months writing an essay in order to sort out my beliefs, and came to some of the same conclusions I have read in your book with regard to unchristian behavior and attitudes on the part of Christians.  I abhor the far right-wing self-rightousness that is marketed these days, although until "conservative" meant exclusionism rather than the inclusiveness of Jesus, I called myself conservative.

    Thank you for making me aware of cultural theology.  I was running out of material to read in my quest for the truth about God.


    • John John says:


      I started writing about five years ago for the same purpose: document my belief structure. I now have four more unpublished book manuscritps in addition to the four I have already published. In the works: The Supernatural Believer” and “The Abassador Believer.” I also make Youtube videos on these and other Christian topics at  Straightbible channel

      Enjoy the life! — John

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