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I've started a new channel, The Iconoclast. An Iconoclast is a a person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions, etc., as being based on error or superstition.

The channel has only four videos for at the moment but many more are planned very soon. The channel will present alternate ideas from accepted norms, in both politics and religion. It is not intended to be controversial but some people might take offense at some things presented. Whatever, your political or religious identity, there will be something for everyone and more episodes are added.

In politics, I am sometimes conservative, sometimes libertarian and sometime liberal. I prefer honesty and truthfulness, which are often a difficult commodities in today's political climate of hyper-division. Politics is a smoke and mirrors endeavor at best and complete obfuscation of reality at worst. Nothing is what it seems at first and rarely what is reported in the popular news outlets, at least when the story breaks and often the narrative does not improve with more information — especially if it runs against the reporter's bias.

In religion, I am tend to be conservative, but just as soon as someone thinks they've got me pegged, I do something out of their box. For example, nearly all Christian doctrines are based on a philosophical approach to biblical interpretation. Some are based on what is called biblical interpretation. I attempt to use a third option: Cultural Interpretation, an option generally not used outside of academia. This is where the culture of the times determines what the writer was communicating to his original audience without reference to modern theology.

I hope you enjoy the channel as I engage in combinations of both religion and politics — the two taboo topics for polite conversation … because I am the Iconoclast.


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  1. Ken Brown says:

    Just letting you know I was here.

  2. John John says:

    Thanks, I don't post real often but do manage a several post per year.

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