Political Correctness Equals Cultural Marxism

"Political Correctness" and "Cultural Marxism" are one and the same.

Political Correctness

Cultural Marxism method

From its inception, PC was designed to silence (censor) political voices of dissent. The current "Fake News" craze is one and the same as Communist style censorship of dissenting opinions. PC is an attack on the First Amendment. How did this become so common in America? It has been a generational plan by adherents of two Marxists socialists…

Two Marxists theorists, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Gerog Lukacs in Hungary independently came up with an answer to why the working class, after WWI, did not embrace Marxism: the influence of traditional cultural Christian Religion. Lukacs was a major influence in the Frankfurt University, Institute for Social Research aka the Frankfort School. This school translated Marxist economic values into cultural values. The Frankfurt School’s key to success was crossing Marx with Freud.  They argued that under Western culture people lived under psychological repression. From psychology they also drew the technique of psychological conditioning. The method is to vilify every one  who defends traditional culture by labeling them as a "Racists," "Facists" and/or "Tyrant." All such opponents must submit to "sensitivity training" aka, brainwashing in the "new normal."

In the 1950's and 1960's Herbert Marcuse translated the Frankfort School ideology into high school and college textbooks. Today we know the original Marxist ideology under the banners of "multiculturalism," "diversity," and "Political Correctness." Especially college campuses have become the bedrock institutions of Marxism in America. They are teaching America's youth to despise their own country and its ideas and institutions that made it great in the first place. There can be no good outcome from this kind of cultural suicide.

Modern Marxist align with radical Islam. Why? Simple, they will align with any force or power that is dedicated to destroying Western Culture and Christianity. The goal is power, not equality, not even a liberalism utopia. Several modern institutions and political factions have been engulfed in this form of Marxism whose followers have been duped into thinking it is a kinder, gentler and more peaceful way to live when in fact it is nothing less than servitude under a small ruling elitist class. Buyer beware, Marxism behind the facade of Political Correctness is toxic to liberty.

When religious institutions adopt political correctness, they are aiding and abetting their own demise. They are working at cross purposes to what they think is the gospel. That is shallow thinking but the Marxists are more than happy to let them think so … until they come into power and harass Christian business and churches until they pass out of existence.


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