World Domination Is NOT A Game

globalism-canstockphoto29030670For Christians paying attention, world domination will be recognized as the adversary's plan for humanity's subjugation for eventual destruction. The opposing ideology, nationalism, was actually invented by the Creator at Babel (Babylon) when He confused the languages which separated humanity into 10 nations. He did this to make it much harder for the Adversary to subject humanity to his will. Nationalism, in ancient times, saved humanity from universal slavery under pagan gods.

If a Believer wishes to resist the Adversary today on a large scale, he will be against political and economic machinations intended to bring all of humanity under a central control. Central Control has many names from New World Order to Anti-Colonialism to a Borderless Hemisphere or Borderless World. In the last century, political domination by force (World Wars I & II) has failed. The most recent effort for World Domination has been done by redistributing of wealth through economic control. This is instituted through international trade agreements, environmental taxes and heavy regulation of the wealth generating industries. This year, 2016, Americans have a choice between Nationalism and Globalism …

In 2016, for the first time in a century, Americans have a real choice between the Adversary's Globalism and more godly Nationalism. However the choice is not clear to most Americans. The Globalism candidate is experienced and a polished politician and a female to boot. Electing her would seem the natural choice and also make history as the first female president of the United States. The more godly Nationalism choice is a non-politician who is rough, crude and very unpolished compared to who we normally elect to political office, though not without precedence in America. The standard bearer of nationalism has no political experience making him a somewhat risky choice since we have no track record of him in public office. This rogue businessman would seem to be a poor choice compared to the polished globalist. However, most of Israel's greatest champions were not men of great repute, just humble to the Creator and a lover of God's people.

In some respects, the challenge of the 2016 American election year is like that of Israel's first and second kings. Saul was the people's favorite, but a total failure as a king. His successor David was from a humble trade (shepard) background, not one you would first consider for public office. However, the contrast between the reigns of the two could not be greater. The less likely king, the one not chosen by the people became the most revered king in all of Israel's history.

I submit that however poor the Nationalist candidate might appear in the 2016 political contest, he is the better choice for the survival and prosperity of America than a candidate whose primary ambition is gaining power by cooperating with those with a humanity enslaving globalist agenda.

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