New Book Manuscript: The Supernatural Believer

Supernatural Believer Book Cover    I have not been updating this blog due to working on book manuscripts. I have four manuscripts underfoot. I have one in the review and editing stage. A proposed cover is show at the left.

     This book presents the supernatural power of holy spirit resident within all believers at new birth. The function and activity of holy spirit has seldom been understood by believers who understand Jesus Christ as a "divine self-help guru."

From the back cover:

    The Supernatural Believer, is book two in a series about the nature of the Christian believer. This book unravels misconceptions about holy spirit and its work in every believer. Once this is understood, the believer can rise from a supplicant in the Christian Faith, to a believer endued with spiritual power and authority … one who truly has made Jesus Christ Lord in his life.

    The spiritual abilities addressed in this book are what typically have been called “gifts of the spirit” but as we present here, that label derives from tradition and pop-theology, not from scripture. This essay presents a biblical and Hebraic view of these spiritual matters filtered through the lens of cultural anthropology as a way to understand the text as its original audience would have understood them.

    I'm hoping to publish before the end of 2016.

Update October 3, 2016: I am likely to miss my publish date due to extended manuscript review.

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