The Biblical Anthropologist

Author A Biblical Anthropologist is a person with a knowledge of the ancient Hebrew culture of the Bible. He uses this knowledge to learn what was the original message of the prophets and apostle wrote, which the original audience would have understood. This method of Bible reading and study leads to an interpretation method I call, Cultural Theology.

Developing my comprehension of the Christian Faith with this method has occupied the majority of my time for several years. I have also been writing manuscripts for publishing to share my work with others who might find a cultural approach to Biblical studies refreshing. (This is the reason for the two year gap in blog posts.) I wrote a series called, Bible Study Enigmas, published in three short volumes and available on Amazon. Author page URL

Each booklet has five chapters. Volume #1, applies culture to five topics. Volume #2, applies culture to five scriptural passages. Volume #3, applies culture to biblical prophecy. I am also planning a video series to present what is a Biblical Anthropologist and what is Cultural Theology. This will be posted to my Straightbible Youtube channel:

This cultural way of looking at the Bible is relatively new. It got its start in by examining Jesus' sayings from a Judaic and Hebraic perspective. The result of this research confirms that Jesus was an organic part of the diverse social and religious landscape of Second Temple-period Judaism. The interest to do this was partly due to the influence of the human sciences in the late 19th century. (for more see Jerusalem School for Synoptic Research.)

Also in the mid 60's the Jewish Messianic movement came into reality, as a Christian movement separate from traditional Christian churches. This phenomena has further increased many Christians awareness of the Jewishness of Jesus and his apostles. Also in the mid 20th century, Christian scholars have authored books and essays about these new biblical insights from the ancient Hebrew culture and other Jewish sources. What is emerging is a new perspective on our Savior, a more Hebraic view of him which reveals an even greater dept in the person who walked the earth two thousand years ago.

Here at the beginning of the 21st century, it is a grand time to be a Christian, at least for those who desire a new and deeper understanding of their Savior, the Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua ben David.

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