Beware Hebrew Roots Movement Part 2: Confusing the Spirit with the Flesh

Clearly in scripture, but NOT clear to Christians, is the fact that Jesus taught Moses (Torah) and the Hebrew prophets but nothing beyond them, nothing new. A faith based solely upon Jesus is a reformed Judaism, not the true Christianity of the Apostles and first century believers.

Modern Christianity was founded upon Jesus' atoning work but not started by him directly. Christianity was the result of his completed work, which was complete on the day of the infilling spirit, the day of Pentecost. Christianity was born on Pentecost, not at the beginning of Jesus' ministry, nor at his resurrection.

The Hebrew Roots Movement is a grass roots movement by many Christians who are awaking to the simple fact that modern "Churchanity" is not found in the Christian holy book, the Bible. Wikipedia has an article about the Hebrew Roots Movement listing its seven features and variations of them. We will cover them point by point in this series warning about Hebrew Roots Movement and its pitfalls.

The second point is quoted below.

2.    Salvation derives from the belief in Yeshua the Messiah as personal savior, not from commandment/Torah keeping; however, believers are rewarded according to their fruits, works, and obedience. Hebrew Roots followers believe that sin is breaking the written Torah (cf. 1 John 3:4), all of the purity laws such as dietary restrictions and sabbath keeping are in the written Torah, thus it is sin to not keep sabbath and to eat forbidden food, among other social and religious observance laws. It is also true, according to Hebrew Roots followers, that those who are truly born of God will not continue in sin (cf. 1John 3:9), therefore, if you are not moved to keep sabbath or keep dietary restrictions, you must not truly be born of God.

Superficially it seems very good, until you get to the end. It is true that salvation derives from a belief in Yeshua (Jesus) as personal savior. It is also true that believers are rewared for their works. These rewards are remembered by God or "stored in heaven" as the Hebrews would express it. Where things go astray is when the Hebrew Roots movement violates it's own principles, confusing the spirit instilled in believers with the written letter of the Law, a thing of the senses and flesh.

In the Hebrew language and ancient culture, the Torah is not a Law in the modern sense but directions or guides as a teacher instructs and guides his students. However, the Hebrew Roots movement has taken Torah as Law in the modern sense. That violates the culture and heart of the Torah itself. They make the letter of the Law its spirit, contradicting the later Torah (teachings) of the apostles.

But now we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve not under the old written code but in  the new life of  the Spirit.  Romans 7:6 [ESV]

The story of salvation is an unfolding story in scripture. This is what the apostle Paul taught. With the coming of new teachings on spiritual reality, older ones pass away. Modern believers live a sinless life in that their spirit cannot sin, being a gift from God. What is called sin by those who judge such things is just veering onto an unprofitable and useless path. Such an error and mistake is correctable by our teachers and ourselves who heed them. If sinlessness were in the Mosaic Law, there would be no point or purpose in Jesus' atoning work.

The Hebrew Roots movement re-inserts sin consciousness while Jesus died to eliminate it! They become the judges of your souls to your loss. They are Judaizers of the faithful. This is the very activity that the apostle Paul contended against and the first church council ruled against. But in our modern times, they are resurrecting the old controversy that was settled in the first century and recorded in sacred scripture. They judge your flesh against their interpretation of Moses. Do not let the Hebrew Roots movement judge your nor let them pile on sin consciousness which Jesus' blood took away.


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