Building Gospel Bridges: Jesus Christ, Pentecost, and the 12 Apostles

Jesus and his apostles built bridges carrying out the Great Commission.

Jesus built a bridge between Jehovah and himself in his earthly ministry. He taught about Moses and the Hebrew Prophets. His message was "The Kingdom of God is Near". His mission was to take this message to Israel. But when he gave his Great Commission to his apostles, the mission broaden to all nations, not just Israel. A discussion of this topic has been posted to Youtube on the straightbible channel divided into three videos.


There are three videos on this topic: "Jesus Christ", "Pentecost", and the "Apostles". Each video shows a different gospel bridge which God inspired. The first teaches how there are three parts to Jesus' atoning work. The second video teaches how Pentecost is the third pillar of salvation, the practical side of the faith. The third video teaches how the apostles carried out the Great Commission based on all three parts of the foundation of Salvation, the three pillars of the Faith: Sacrifice, Mediator, Righteousness.

There is a fouth video in progress which will cover cultural differences between the Middle Eastern Apostles of the first century and the Western Gentile Christian faith that developed in the centuries following. Understanding the cultural differences between then and now greatly effects how we modern Gentil Christians should carry out the Great Commission in our lives.

Enjoy — John Brown

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