Who gets wealthy, who has the power and why?

(this essay is a departure from our usual biblical and faith topics but it is directly related)

It is human nature to desire to live better, to acquire one's needs by his own hands.

Beyond survival needs is wealth. This is typically accumulated by one or a few benefiting from the labors of others. There are three fundamental methods where wealth is concentrated in one or just a few. Not all methods of wealth accumulation are faith based. Decide for yourself …

The Factory Method: Industrialist
Wealth Accumulated by the Factory or Business Owner. Wealth is accumulated by factory and business owners based on the labor of their workers. This form of wealth accumulation is dependent on making things to sell. The workers are paid a wage directly for production from which they determine their own destiny. Workers are free to work for one factory or business or a different one. In all cases the worker is paid a wage. Due to the hierarchy system of industrial management, some workers rise above others producing an economic inequality: unequally paid.

The Farm Method: Plantation
Wealth Accumulated by the Plantation or Farm Owner. Wealth is accumulated by the Plantation or Farm owner. This form of wealth accumulation depends on growing food to sell. The workers are paid indirectly in the form of entitlements of housing, food and transportation if needed. The worker cannot determine his own destiny but is the property of the Plantation or Farm owner. A Plantation worker is not free to work at another Plantation or Farm. Workers who steps out side of their place in this system are severely punished because doing so disrupts the system. This system of wealth accumulation therefore produces a work force where all workers are economic equals: equally enslaved.

Communism Method: National Oversight
Communism is a term which covers several similar philosophies including Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism and other lesser known similar philosophies.  The wealth is accumulated by the national administration, not the local Industries nor the Plantations and Farms but at a higher level. Having collected the entire national wealth by the administration, it is then distributed among the workers who generated it … after taking out administrative staff salaries and other oversight expenses. This philosophy seeks to equalize the economic inequality among industrial workers and provide better for the Plantation workers. To make this system work, all of the land, factories and businesses must be owned or controlled by the national administration.

Communism has a major appeal to two types of people: Administrators and low production or needy workers. Communism appeals to those who seek to gain wealth from workers without directly paying them and it appeals to those who seek to gain benefits without earning them. This system only works by convincing productive workers to provide for less productive and needy workers and provide for the administrators of the system … without begrudging the wealth of the administrators who redistribute the resources.

This method is flawed because it is contrary to human nature and the human spirit. It is human nature to want to benefit from one's own labors, not just for meeting personal and family survival needs but also for accumulating sufficient wealth to improve one's situation. It is also human nature to voluntarily care for less productive and needy workers. Communism crosses human nature by disallowing one worker to gain substantially for his labor over another and takes away from the worker the ability to voluntarily care for less productive and needy workers. Communism also discourages innovation and entrepreneurial efforts by penalizing the most productive workers. Everything natural to the human is subverted by the national administration, including his individualistic methods to seek the divine.

Both human nature and the concept of the divine is threatening to communistic administrators. They threaten them with the notion that a worker might not be happy with the system and threaten that there might be another authority greater than theirs. If there is such unhappiness or a greater authority, then workers might adopt a different work ethic and possibly start a revolt. Under communistic administrative philosophies, individualism and religion must be eliminated or intimidated into silence by regulating all the worker's activities.

These comparisons of wealth accumulation methods should help citizens to evaluate various policies of labor organizations, the rhetoric of national figures and the results of government actions. To see if a country is becoming (or already is communistic) look for the socializing of the workers into a homogeneous groups, the nationalization of industries either by heavily regulating them or by taking them over completely.

Look for policies which favor one industry over another as a so-called way to bring equality. Most of the time, these are efforts are the beginning of eventually gaining control of all businesses in that field … for the common good in the opinion of the national administrators. Look for large sectors of the population benefiting beyond what they have earned. Look for national administrators promoting national entitlement programs for the less productive and needy workers.

Whatever you see now … that is what is coming in greater quantities unless the population rises up against the natural bent of the ambitious few to dominate the naive and lazy.

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  1. Rp says:

    Indeed, the hand of the diligent shall bear rule; and the slothful shall be under tribute!

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