Modern Christianity’s Three Major Failings

Modern Christians are unaware of how they have been failed by their leaders and teachers to lead them in the true path of the faith. Missteps from the true path have produced a modern faith that is but a shadow and parody of the dynamic church of the first century. Modern Christianity has so veered from the original path of the powerful and universal faith taught by the first apostles that it has become a weak and divided religious philosophy offering very little power or deliverance or even life answers for the faithful.

How did this happen? Modern Christians have been mislead by three major failings:

1. Failure to understand the cultural clash during the "biblically silent" years before Jesus' birth.

2. Failure to understand Jesus' ministry as a reformation of Judaism.

3. Failure to understand that modern Christianity was developed by western theologians who failed at items #1 and #2.

These failures have led to abandoning the faith's original reality by substituting one of its own making, just as the Hebrew prophet foretold (Jeremiah 2:13).

#1 Failure:
The Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, are set in a multicultural and multilingual context developed between the last prophet, Malachi and the birth of Jesus. Failure to learn the cultural and political developments of the centuries before Jesus' birth is a failure to place Jesus and his apostles in their proper life setting. During this "biblically silent" era there was a cultural clash which corrupted the faith of the Hebrews. It was a clash between the ancient Hebrew culture and the Greek culture. This started over two centuries before Jesus' birth. Failing to comprehend this, means a failure to understand what Jesus was really teaching during his ministry.

Prior to the influence of western Greek culture, the Jews had no religion as such. They had a life style which revolved around the Temple as the central focus of community life. To these semitic people, living life before God was not a religion, just how they lived. All activities of their lives were a one thing before God. Their whole lives were an honor and prayer before their God. To these semitic Hebrews, there was no compartmentalizing of life into separate components. That notion of life being divided into compartments was a purely western Greek influence. The Greeks corrupted the Hebrew culture by introducing thinking in a divisional manner, by introducing humanism and secularism apart from one's spiritual life. After that, the faith of the semitic Hebrews became known as the religion of the Jews or the religion of Judaism.

#2 Failure:
Jesus was not a Christian. He was a Jewish Rabbi, with a Jewish message to be delivered to followers of Judaism who had lost the true focus of their faith. His mission was to refocus and reform Judaism from a self-centered religion of the 'letter' to the heart of the faith which expected Israel's deliverance by their messiah who would lead them into the Kingdom of God. His reforming message led to the rise of a new sect of Judaism, the Nazarenes (followers of the teacher from Nazareth).

Jesus' ministry was to purify Judaism, reforming it back to its original focus as simply the way (path) of YAHWEH. Even after the Nazarene faith was transformed by the coming of holy spirit, it was still known as the Judaism sect of the Nazarenes (Acts 24:5, 14 & Acts 28:22). The first time this sect veered from Judaism was when the gentiles believed on Jesus as their Redeemer too. The Jerusalem council of leaders of this Nazarene sect, in keeping with the Torah, did not require the gentiles to become proselytes of Judaism (Acts 15), even though their faith too was rooted in the Jewish Rabbi.

#3 Failure:
Following unquestioningly the traditional belief systems of modern Christianity means that modern believers are glibly following westerner theologians poorly informed about the original eastern faith. This ignorance was seeded in the second century, grew in the third and flourished in the fourth century when Roman Catholic theologians, priests and bishops solidified their philosophical belief systems into creeds of the Christian church. Modern Christianity has not fundamentally changed since it was institutionalized in the fourth century and approved by the Roman Empire, the great reformation not withstanding. The modern followers of Jesus practice a faith that is a nearly lifeless shadow and parody of the original, the transformed Judaism sect of the Nazarenes.

Well did the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah foretell of how the way of YAHWEH would be corrupted:

Jeremiah Chapter 2 [13] for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.

As believers we are long past due to return to an enlightened understanding of our heritage and transformation into empowered representatives of the Creator through Jesus Christ. We are long past due to lift the veil of our ignorance so that we might walk in newness of life with the power exhibited by the first followers of Jesus.

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