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Greetings Straight Bible Seminar Fans,

It's been awhile since I updated the Seminar News. It's not that progress hasn't been made. There are now three completed videos on the public introduction page, four more to go for that section. We are also in process of selecting the scriptural passages (honing down the possible choices) to demonstrate the principles posted on the "about" page. Some of the structure of the seminar is in place but we are far from getting all seminar pages in place.

A recent concern has been consistent introductions to the individual segments. I had chosen some commercial music as introduction background but the price was just too high to use it for all the segments. I turned to very accomplished amateurs who are playing old favorites using the Hammond organ sounds from the jazz, blues and ragtime genera. Some of the choices are songs that are up to a century old! but still toe tapping fun.

Bless — John Brown, Seminar Moderator

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