Organic Church or Simple Church: A New First Century Church?

There is a movement or sort of a revival going on in Christianity today which goes by several names: Organic Church, Simple Church, House Church or Home Church. It is both a protest of institutional Christianity and somewhat of a revival in an attempt to embrace the naturally acquired form and activities of the first century church but translated into the twenty first century. It is an attempt to produce a New First Century Church.

At the onset of looking into today's new first century church, Godly inspired leadership, the visionaries or the five gift ministries, is completely ignored. Ignored also seems to be the valuable work of administrators (helps and governments). This is due to a lack of the understanding born from improper exegesis of scripture and an overt emphasis on experience. Missing also is any understanding of holy spirit field, how being led by holy spirit actually works, how to manifest the power of holy spirit and how God has set these visionary leaders in the church. The movement is stuck in orthodox theology which limits what it can experience or accomplish. The movement is only a partial revival, lacking the real power to make a difference and affect society since they lack the power to effect people and events beyond their personal associations. I suspect many of these new organic churches are more feel good experiences than real progress in restoring the Christian experience of the first century believers.

Some of the descriptions of the organic church are based on their own invented metaphors which authors then extend unmercifully to prove their point. viz a viz, "the organism of the church has a DNA which produces certain identifiable features..." and so on the authors go to invent their own characteristics of the church based on observed experience … not scripture. Mishmash! just like we've had for centuries out of "would-be" Christian leaders and lay reformers! A small amount of insight and a protest of Christian institutions does not make you a latter day prophet to start another fork of Christianity!

It is the hope of we, who are contributors to the straightbible seminars and teachings, if we are to produce a work of correct spiritual insight on The New First Century Church that we (and you readers as well) need to both get up to speed on what is going on, perhaps by reading the books found at this website (click here).  Then check out our straightbible seminars (click here) to find out out how to read your Bible to get some the correct biblical perspective, including learning the ancient Eastern cultural environment. I really tire of Westerners trying to interpret an Eastern book without acknowledging the differences in thinking. Ancient Easterners did not think in the same pragmatic scientific or physical versus metaphysical ways that we Westerners do. Yet this point is NEVER acknowledged by Western Christian writers. For example, Westerners seem to think that "LORD" means divinity or God. Easterners would roar with laughter at such a notion. Their women call their husbands LORD! but they know they are now where near godlike or divine. Yet that is exactly what Western Christian apologists and other writers do with the Eastern book we call the Bible.

We see a need in Christianity to have on line resources for the growing number of these organic, house churches and independent Christians to access solid biblical exegesis based on solid interpretation principles, not the orthodoxy and slipshod biblical interpretation based on traditions of men, that has produced the mess of Christianity that the organic churches protest and wish to avoid. But to our shame, we haven't yet produced the seminar, "Biblical Interpretation For All Of Us" which addresses such mis-guided notions and many other interpretive errors yet but it is in the works. The teachers are gathered and are working on their respective presentations. We haven't even approached the other seminars but they are being dreamed up and researched, even as I write this post.

Time to wake up fellow Christians!

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  1. Nice blog!
    I think you would appreciate mine too.
    Been housechurching and planting 30 years now.
    My blog is about Jesus, church and life in general
    with a Star Trek theme.
    Christopher "Captain" Kirk

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