Christian Corporations: Government regulation of faith

Very few Christian believers know that Federal, State and Local Governments regulate the practice of their faith. They are so convinced that the separation of Church and State means they are left alone to worship and practice their faith as they see fit. That is absolutely false!

All churches and charitable organizations are government sanctioned corporations. A corporation is a legal entity for the purpose of conducting commerce, the exchanging of goods, services and money, which governments monitor and regulate for the express purpose of assessing and collecting taxes. Even donations of goods, services and money and consequence redistribution are considered commerce. Yes, what we think of as charity, governments consider commerce. Don't think so? Just try and set up a redistribution of donated food program for the homeless without a government permit. Sooner or later, you will run afoul of some bureaucracy. An example:

Is distributing donated food, shelter and clothing for widows, orphans and other disadvantaged people a biblical and Christian activity? Absolutely! Do government cialis gel agencies also engage in this activity? Absolutely! Ahhh! Competition! The government will not tolerate the competition without their oversight and regulation. And you thought we had a free enterprise system! Not truly so.

We have a regulated enterprise system, not truly free. The limitations are exerted via the government regulating the corporations. The only way to engage in Christians practices in which the government does not regulate it is to keep it totally private and under the radar. Even then, you can only operate on a very small scale so as to not be noticed by government regulatory officials. That's what the family in the article above did but eventually they were noticed by the city bureaucracy who found that they weren't being regulated and shut them down. What was their error? Their activities got too big and that's what got them noticed.

Do you know of a family in need? You can help them directly and pay the appropriate taxes yourself on your private donation or you can contact a government agency in their behalf who will spend tax dollar on them (never mind the interference to their lives) or contact a government approved agency or approved church corporation and then donate to them and let them do it for you … including allowing for them to first extract their operating expenses and then distribute as they see fit. Anyone can see that of the options that only the first method is 100% efficient. It is also obvious too that the donor doesn't have to be involved in the actual work either, thus negating seeing the fruit of your efforts.

Do you want to practice your faith without government interference? Keep it private limited to your yourself, family and a few close associates. As soon as you are publicly noticeable, you will be scrutinized and regulated.

But what about other Christian practices of faith, like meetings, faith rallies and openly public other events? They are largely regulated too. Meet in your homes and don't form a not-for-profit corporation if you want to be truly free in the practice of your faith.

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