Straight Bible Seminar is still coming

Greetings Seminar Fans,

Last week, the first week of December, 2010, I was able to meet in person with our out-of-state teachers and discuss rejuvenating our efforts to produce the first Straight Bible Seminar, “Biblical Interpretation For All Of Us.”. Of course the reason for the delay of the seminar was the moderator’s health issues but getting back into production and visionary mode still takes a bit of effort for everyone. We made significant progress being able to both discuss issues before us and forward progress in acquiring another teacher volunteer.

It is still undetermined just when we will begin recording seminar sessions and individual segments to present the principles of Biblical Interpretation. However, I think as soon as the teachers decide on the topics they want to present, recording sessions will shortly follow. That brings up another issue: camera shyness. As soon as a camera, still or video, is placed before someone, there is an immediate self-consciences response. That is a fear but also an expectation that recorded material must be as close to perfect as possible and the presenter must look as good as possible. I don’t require perfection in presentation or appearance (If I did, I would quit now!). I have seen efforts for near perfection to ruin and demean the power and inspiration of holy spirit in presenting the Word of God. Some would describe polished presentations as “un-inspired” or even boring. I would tend to agree. Therefore we are not setting a high production standard, just a high truth standard, to adhere to our principles even if we have to admit to having learned better and redo cialis ingredients our presentation or position on a Biblical interpretation at a later date.

That brings up a principle of life: As soon as your beliefs are “etched in stone” you cease to grow. We will not do that. Therefore our doctrinal statements or beliefs are always subject to change. Only very general statement can be made that will continue to be true and the Christian believer grows in his understanding of spiritual matters. The seminars we produce represent the best we know NOW.

— John Brown

Straight Bible Seminar Moderator

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