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Who gets wealthy, who has the power and why?

(this essay is a departure from our usual biblical and faith topics but it is directly related) Introduction: It is human nature to desire to live better, to acquire one's needs by his own hands. Premise: Beyond survival needs is … Continue reading

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Baptism: It’s All Watered Down Today

Water baptism is a popular church event today but should it be? Say "Baptism" among modern Christians and all that comes to mind is water. This is based on John's baptism, which was rite of "Mikveh" [1],  in the tradition … Continue reading

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New Downloads at the Christians Essentials website

Four new essay downloads have been posted at These new essays are appendices from the forthcoming book "Christian Essentials: A Survival Guide For The Followers Of Jesus"  There are currently being planned over 30 appendices for the book. These … Continue reading

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