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Exegetical discourses on specific passages not requested by students, fan or friends.

The Biblical Anthropologist

 A Biblical Anthropologist is a person with a knowledge of the ancient Hebrew culture of the Bible. He uses this knowledge to learn what was the original message of the prophets and apostle wrote, which the original audience would have … Continue reading

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Beware Hebrew Roots Movement Part 3: The Talmud – Jewish Oral Law

Jewish Oral Law is a Pharisee concept of a Second Torah given orally by God at Sinai but not written down. Often overlooked or not even understood in the Hebrew Roots Movement is that Judaism is Phariseeism which is a … Continue reading

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Building Gospel Bridges: Jesus Christ, Pentecost, and the 12 Apostles

Jesus and his apostles built bridges carrying out the Great Commission. Jesus built a bridge between Jehovah and himself in his earthly ministry. He taught about Moses and the Hebrew Prophets. His message was "The Kingdom of God is Near". … Continue reading

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