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Thought and observations about the practice of our faith in our society.

Who gets wealthy, who has the power and why?

(this essay is a departure from our usual biblical and faith topics but it is directly related) Introduction: It is human nature to desire to live better, to acquire one's needs by his own hands. Premise: Beyond survival needs is … Continue reading

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Modern Christianity’s Three Major Failings

Modern Christians are unaware of how they have been failed by their leaders and teachers to lead them in the true path of the faith. Missteps from the true path have produced a modern faith that is but a shadow … Continue reading

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Twisted Scriptures (Part 1 of 6)

Let us think out loud about how gentile Christians have twisted scripture to suit their own agenda. A "Twisted Scripture" is a biblical passage taken out of context and portrayed to mean something that neither its author intended nor it's … Continue reading

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